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Case Study : Acme Water Pumps

The Acme Water Pump company has a problem. The pumps are fairly expensive to make and store, so the company tends to keep the inventory low. At the same time, it is important to respond to demands quickly, since a customer who wants a water pump is very likely to get one from a competitor if Acme doesn’t have one available immediately. A cm e’s current policy to produce pumps is to produce 100 per week, which is the average demand. Even this is a problem, as the production manager has pointed out, since the equipment is also used for other products and the lot size of 300 would be much more efficient. He said he is currently set up for water pump production for the next week and states that he has capacity available to produce 300 at a time next week.

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Pengantar Supply Chain dan Supply Chain Management

Apakah Supply Chain Management merupakan sebuah perangkat lunak? adakah perusahaan di Indonesia yang sudah menerapkan Supply Chain Management? Dua pertanyaan ini sering terdengar di kalangan mereka yang masih asing terhadap istilah supply chain atau Supply Chain Management, terutama di era ketika istilah SCM relatif baru dikenal di Indonesia sekita awal tahun 2000-an. Dewasa ini, dengan begitu pesatnya perkembangan SCM sebagai fungsi dari perusahaan manufaktur maupun jasa di Indonesia serta banyaknya profesional yang sudah mendapatkan pendidikan yang memadai tentang konsep SCM. Mari kita bahas dan diskusi terlebih dahulu apa itu supply chain dan apa perbedaannya dengan Supply Chain Management.

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